Do You Wanna BeeTuff?

Team Uberfone have been working hard to explore new prints and designs that you want on your phone case. Highly requested designs were an Emoji themed case and marble print which is still a popular trend in 2018. Our goal is to expand our signature BeeTuff range with cool prints and designs that would stop someone in their footsteps and say, ‘Where did you get your case?

New to an Uberfone store near you, you will find our new designs. They are available for iPhone 6/7/8/6+/7+/8+ and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ in five vibrant, show stopping prints, the BeeTuff Floral, BeeTuff Be Stronger, BeeTuff Emoji, BeeTuff Marble Sparkle and BeeTuff Chevron. Do they still have the same features as the BeeTuff original?  YES! The Impact Shock Technology still remains with built in shock absorbers surrounding the interior providing protection against impact. The lightweight gel material is durable and does not compromise protection or access to buttons and functions. A case that looks the part and protects your phone?! At Uberfone, we’ve got you covered!







You can purchase now from AMAZON we are the only stockist to supply our brand, alternatively you can buy at your nearest store!

Link to buy: 


BIG NEWS! NEW Product Alert.

Something very exciting has happened at Uberfone! We’ve been wanting to spill the beans for a while but now that it is official and we are currently holding it, we can say…we are now SELLING PHONES! Super yay!

Our lovely customers have said for a while now that they would like us to start selling phones and it is something we are asked on the daily. We listened and agreed to your feedback and have worked so hard to find a brand that was reliable to work with and to bring you a product that was worthwhile. We have collaborated with GIONEE, a brand that is taking the world by storm to bring you two handsets that are both affordable and amazing quality. We are officially the sole UK and Ireland Distributor for this fantastic brand and we cannot wait to show you what we have to offer.


So without further ado, we welcome to the Uberfone family, the Gionee S11 Lite and the F205 model! We have created a comparison chart of other popular phones versus the Gionee models so that you can see for yourself what functions are included and how some stand out from other models. Like most, we fall into the trap of consumerism. You don’t always have to go for a popular branded phone, quite often a cheaper alternative works just as good and is kinder to the bank balance!


S11 LITE-BLACK (2)F205-gold-09



As you can see from the comparison charts, the Gionee models stand out with their Full View Display and impressive battery capacity. No more having a personal and a work phone as both models feature a dual sim supporting two active sims at the same time. A key feature that is great for the price of the phones is the additional option of a Micro SD card with up to 256GB extra space!


If you like the look of our new budget smartphones, call into your nearest store and the team will demo both models for you and help you choose one that suits you. We are also the official stockist on Amazon if you’d like to purchase online!

To buy online visit

Back To School Guide-Protecting Your Device

If you’re starting a new school/college in August/Sept, first of all we wish you all the best on this exciting new chapter. Secondly, we would like to give you some advice on how to look after your phone the best ways you can, especially in a busy school environment.
  1. Protect your new phone with a SuperGlass Screen Protector. This £9.99 investment will be the best accessory that you will buy for your phone or tablet. They are designed to chip and crack by saving your phone screen- all impact depending. We understand that your phone could take a hit or two whilst in your blazer or school bag, so having this on your screen will give you and your parents more peace of mind!
  2. A wallet case or gel case from our signature BeeTuff range will be a game changer! Ranging from £14.99 continue to protect your phone with either a wallet case or gel case both as equally protective, sleek and compact. The BeeTuff Wallet covers your whole phone with additional space inside for lunch money, a school card and emergency numbers and the BeeTuff Gel case features a durable toughened gel with shock absorbers built inside the case acting as a barrier against impact. We have a variety of designs available in the range, so check these out in store!
  3. Your phone can be lost or stolen in school. Our TOP TIP to keep a closer eye on your device is if you have an iPhone- make sure ‘Find My iPhone’ is turned on or Google’s ‘Find My Device’ is activated so that you can track down your phone quickly if misplaced or stolen.
  4. A Power Bank is an essential item in your school bag and will come in handy in an emergency. If you have some type of dilemma at school it is comforting to know that help is easy to get if you need to ring a parent/guardian with any concerns. Keep yourself protected, and check out our range of Power Banks in store before you start school. Ranging from £19.99 with a variety of sizes, colours and charge capacities!
All products are available from a store near you or via  They are all compact and suitable for starting your new school journey! We hope you love them as much as we do.

Summer Essentials: John’s Top Picks!


Hi there! My name is John, and I am store manager of Uberfone Rushmere. When new products arrive in store, I’ll be in my element testing out new features so that I can demo them to you! In this blog post are some new products and some our best sellers to date. Here I am going to give you my top 5 products that I am currently loving at the moment that are guaranteed to make your Summer that little bit better!




 The Uberfone Power Bank (5,000 & 10,000 mAh)

The Uberfone Power Banks are an absolute essential for your summer adventures. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. You’re out with friends, no power point in sight and your phone battery dies- the fear kicks in. No more Selfies, no more music and no more social media. That’s were this gadget comes in handy. With a choice of two different capacities this device has the ability to get your phone up and running in a matter of minutes. The 10,000-mAh option features two charging outputs; one built in for your convenience and the other allowing you to use as a spare. This could be used for type c, lightening or micro USB allowing your friends to also benefit from this Power Bank. They are lightweight and compact making them easy for daily use or easy to pack for your summer travels! 10,000 mAh (£29.99) 5,000 mAh (£19.99)


 Mini Pocket Speakers

Our amazing Mini Pocket Speakers (£19.99) are a must for any summer occasion. These little speakers have an epic sound quality equivalent to that of an average speaker. They are available in three colours (gold, silver and rose gold) and are the perfect accessory for this season especially at BBQ’s and get togethers. They are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 for music on the go and if you purchase two you can even connect them both for maximum volume! In addition, the speaker comes with a travel case and clip that allows you to attach it to yourself, backpack or even hang of surfaces!

Sports Arm Band 

Do you plan on making the most of your summer? Using the good weather to get fit? The Uberfone Sports Arm Bands (£4.99) are the best product for you. They are available in two sizes- small and large to fit every phone model. They also feature a zip lock compartment with a plastic front to weather-proof your device. For those who enjoy listening to music whilst walking, running or cycling then don’t fret as these include space for your headphones! These have been a popular product leading up to all the marathons lately!

20479977_1033917943377737_3414126068917344331_n copyScreen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.16.25

5. SuperGlass Screen Protectors 

The most valuable product of all is a SuperGlass screen protector (£9.99-£19.99) to ensure that your phone is protected from any dodgy drops or knocks. There are many benefits to this product, the outer is scratch-proof, dust resistant and will chip and crack before the damage reaches your phone screen- all impact depending. Thick enough to protect yet thin enough to be unnoticeable, this product is ultimately the best summer essential you need from Uberfone. Also available for iPads and Samsung Tab models, and we will fit them for free!

All of the above products are available at your nearest Uberfone store or simply call in and see John at our store at Rushmere Shopping Centre for product demos and advice!


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Forget about the flower bouquets and chocolates this year and take a trip down to Uberfone for your Valentine’s gifts! We have a wide variety of cases, accessories and gadgets to suit everyone and they make a unique yet fun gift for someone special! Whether you are loved up or girls celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’ or perhaps you just want to treat yourself, make sure you check out our top gift ideas!
Our newest product the Neck Phone Holder £9.99 is a genius piece of equipment if you are someone who is forever attached to their phone. Never miss a Netflix series again, watch your favourite Youtube videos and respond to social messages instantly with this product! Adjustable, foldable & fun- if your other half or bestie is a total phone addict this is the perfect gift for them!
Lazy-Flexible-Long-Arms-Phone-Clip-Holder-Phone-Stand-Bed-Neck-Selfie-Clamp-Mount-for-Iphone.jpg_640x640 IMG_1316.jpg
A BeeTuff Gel/ Dotty case £19.99 featuring SuperShock technology is an essential product for those who like their phone to look stylish yet protected. We have a variety of fab vibrant colours.
Our Ewa Mini Speakers £19.99 are the dinkiest yet powerful speaker we have had ever in-store. For such a small product, the sound quality is amazing. This gadget is portable making it perfect for any occassion. It fits in your bag or pocket snugly and most importantly, connects via your bluetooth on both phones AND tablets meaning you can play your music anywhere you go! If you’re with someone who loves their music then we can guarantee that this product will make an awesome Valentine’s gift for them! Available in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver & Black, protective case included.
At this time of the year everyone is in full swing of their health kicks and if you’re loved  up with a sports addict and want to impress them, we have the best accessories for them! Wireless Earphones from £9.99 are always a winner. They allow you to multitask with ease not only during a workout but with simple things like walking the dog or doing the shopping. Our Sports Armbands £4.99 are super roomy with extra space for your phone AND other essentials such as money or keys that you may need to have with you when you’re in fitness mode!
Keep torturing your other half by maintaining your phone’s battery life with our essential Power Banks from £19.99! We offer fast wireless options too if you have a phone with built in QI Technology and standard power banks for those who need to use a cable. Always be prepared with a power bank in case of emergencies.
If your woman #LovesUnicorns, we’ve got you covered in the gift department! We have the Unicorn Emoji Power Banks £14.99 available. Portable and fun, this handbag essential will give your phone battery the boost it needs whilst you’re on the go! Unicorn themed iPad cases £9.99 and iPhone/Samsung cases from £4.99 are included in the range which we can guarantee she’ll love.
If we’ve given you some ‘giftspiration’ for that special someone in your life, we are spreading the love to all of our amazing customers! We have a special Valentine’s Offer running in store only from the 9th-14th February!

 Shop in-store or browse online at 



Does your business or school rely on the use of mobile phones, iPads or tablets? What would you do if your colleague or pupil accidentally smashed their screen, or was water damaged on a building site, or generally wear & tear took its toll? We would like to advise your company or school to join our Corporate or Education packages! We know you have invested heavily in these to improve your work force, teaching and learning, so let us assist you in keeping them repaired and safe for you and your pupils and staff.
Our service is simple. We will collect your devices from your premises, take them back to Uberfone HQ where they will be repaired by our professionally trained and award winning TEK Team and your repaired devices will be delivered back to you! All of our packages include reduced rates on the repair services and if you feel that your devices could use a bit more protection- we can supply you with the best products. Products such as glass screen protectors and heavy duty cases are the essential basics after a repair to ensure your repair lasts.
At Uberfone, we are dedicated to helping your business get the most out of your devices and everything else that goes with them.We know a damaged device can cause big problems, so we take away the hassle to ensure you can concentrate on what really matters! Along with repairing your device, we collect and deliver straight back to your office door or if this doesn’t work for you, we have 9 stores regionally you can call into and let our staff organise the rest.We also have a wide range of accessories to protect your device, enhance your office space and kit out your company vehicles safely. With a range of suppliers in both the UK and abroad, if there is an item you need that you can’t see on our website, just ask us the question and if we can source it for you, we will. Our TEK team rarely get it wrong, but to give you extra piece of mind, we include a 6 month warranty on all repairs in the unlikely case of any related problems.
If you are a CEO, manager or staff member that believes the Uberfone
Corporate/Education package would be beneficial to your team then get on board for the New Year! Contact Natasha at today for further information on how we can assist your school or business.
Uberfone, we’ve got you covered!

Uberfone 2017 Highlights!

2017 has been a wonderful whirlwind year full of surprises and many achievements for the Uberfone team. Every year seems to be getting better for us, we expand as a team, new projects unfold, new products are introduced and it is because of both our staff and loyal customers that we strive to continue to deliver the best products and customer service.

In early 2017 we introduced our newest scheme. We developed a Corporate/Education Business to Business contract which gave local businesses and schools the opportunity to use our repair service for their employees phones and tablets. Included in the service was a fast pick up and drop off delivery service, discounts on the devices and protective accessories.  We gained many clients who continue to use our services.

18033392_952991774803688_4298226574517317631_n       18057021_952991781470354_2201209231341145208_n

The BeeTuff Collection was designed in house by the Uberfone team. We wanted to create a range of cases that were protective, durable yet stylish. The main aesthetic of the gel cases is that they feature a shock absorbent frame which is to limit physical damages and wear and tear. Included in the range are the BeeTuff Gem Gel, Mesh Gel, Clear Gel and variety of Wallet Cases. With their variety of colours there is a case to suit everyone!


Our greatest achievement not only of the year but to date was being nominated then going on to win ‘Best Family Business’ at the Belfast Business Awards. This award completely blew us away, we of course hoped to win but never expected it. It was a fantastic night at the Titanic Museum and a night we will always remember.


As a team we do love a challenge, especially when it comes down to a store refurb! Over the years we have took on a new look and each Uberfone store will be refurbished. Our Newry store was next on the list and it was all hands on deck. The store now looks like what we visioned it to look like and we could not have completed it without the help of our fabulous team. Check it out when you are passing through the Buttercrane Shopping Centre!



To finish off the year we were nominated and shortlisted for ‘Best Employer of The Year’ at the UTVEye Awards in Bangor. To even be in the same category as Lidl and Christies Direct to name a few was an achievement in itself. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and supplying amazing products for you, we hope this shows when you visit our stores and purchase our products.



2017 looks like it was a hard year to beat but we have so many more projects on the horizon for this year and new products that we know you will love! 2018 we’re ready for you!




We aren’t just repair gods at Uberfone, we have the biggest selection of phone and tablet cases, accessories and gadgets in NI! Our Sales Guru’s are always ready to help you pick the best products for you. With Christmas around the corner, we are here to give you some gift inspiration for that someone special this festive season! Here our the best picks for the November Edit!


The perfect mini gadget for your pocket, the Pocket Drone is portable and sleek and suitable for all ages. Use your mobile phone as the controller by simply downloading the free app and use on the go. This nifty device flies up as for as 30m where photography and videography is in your hands. Take it on your next outing and film your surroundings!



This essential sleepover accessory will give your children endless hours of fun. They can also be used in any environment from schools, farms and retail or for security reasons. No wires needed- batteries are required only. Available in a variety of colours to suit everyone.



We all know someone who is a sports fanatic! Treat them to the perfect gift from wireless earphones, sports armbands, portable power bank and many more gadgets that they can take on their next sporting adventure!



Similar to the GOPro, our action camera can capture all of your favourite festive moments and it won’t break Santa’s bank either! Featuring a 1080p HD screen you can view your footage on the go and transfer your data from an SD card. We have a fab selection of colours available too!



The king of all speakers is back by popular demand! This retro speaker can be used via bluetooth, aux cable, SD Card and also features a Mic/guitar output perfect for those who like to have a gig or two! We believe that this device will be the soul of all your Christmas parties this season! Uberfone HQ is stocked up for our very own Christmas party! (Que the kareoke!)



If you feel these gadgets could be the ideal gift for someone special, make sure to grab them in our BLACK FRIDAY SALE starting on Thurs 23rd running through to Sun 26th Nov. We are offering 20% off Acccessories!!!!!! If you’re playing Santa this year, grab your sack and run to your nearest Uberfone store now!





Lots of new stock has arrived for this season and we cannot wait to show you the goodies! We do admit that we have a slight obsession with Power bank gadgets and are continuously researching for the perfect product and taking inspirations from various brands. In our stores your feedback on our products is always welcomed and we listen to what YOU want!! The desired power bank that you wanted was to look good with a metallic design, be compact but not too chunky and have an incredible storage mAh, well we have went and designed one with these aesthetics in mind, yayy!!

Our new Uberfone Power Banks come in two versions of mAh- 5,000 (£24,99) and 10,000 (£29.99) charge it up fully and depending on how often you use it during the day, it should last you 1-2 days, maybe even 3! There is a charging wire for the Power bank included, all you have to use is your own cable or purchase an extra one from us for £9.99! They are available in five metallic colours red, black, silver, gold and rose gold to suit everyone. Do you have more than one device? This power bank will also charge your iPad, tablet, iPod, MP4, MP5 and many more.


We like to search for things that are unique so when we sourced the Wooden Induction Speaker (£15.99), we knew this could look nice as part of your home decor or would be perfect outside in the garden for a BBQ party. There is no need for a bluetooth connection, just put your mobile phone’s speaker onto the induction area of the product and the speaker will start to work. This product has a built-in dual induction zone at the left and right corners, a new way of listening to your favourite tunes! 


Summer bodies are made in the Winter so add a Sports Armband (£4.99) to your gym kit! Our customers wanted an armband that featured more space and a zip fastening, we’ve got you covered! We have both a large and small size available to suit any phone model you may have! For example an iPhone 6/7 size will fit snuggly in the smaller size, however an iPhone 6/7 Plus size and larger Samsung Galaxy models would be more suitable to the large armband. There is plenty of room for you phone and a secret compartment inside for any cards or notes or little bits and bobs if you’re going on an adventure!


The infamous Mini Tripod (£4.99) has made a return to our shelves due to popular demand! This handy phone holder/stand is the perfect accessory to own if you are a Blogger, Videographer, Photographer or general Netflix addict as you can steadily record videos or use as a mobile stand in your room at your desk in work. Available in blue, red and black.


We recently got in stock some cool Walkie Talkies (£24.99) the ultimate gadget to keep the kids entertained coming up to the wintry weather. They can use them up to a 3km range with a built-in flash light for those late night adventures!


Lets be honest, we all love a car gadget, but in particular lorry or van drivers find it hard to get a phone holder that they can actually reach. Do not fret anymore, we have sourced our new Long Car Holders (£9.99) that feature extra length to suit these vehicles!


Charge your phone with ease and even better without cables with our new Wireless Fast Charger (£19.99). This sleek and portable device is compatible with QI standard models and the input will cater up to 2A. It is lightweight, fast charging and is available in matte black what else could you want?!


If you fancy adding any of these devices to your gadget collection, you can purchase and demo them at your nearest Uberfone store at- AbbeycentreButtercraneBloomfieldsCastleCourtFairhillForestsideFoylesideRushmereDunmurry.