Gadgets, accessories, cases, chargers and action cameras are a few products to name a few that we offer and demonstrate every day. We aim to provide the best and coolest mobile phone and tablet accessories on the high street that make you as entertained as they do us! The Uberfone team wanted to share with you what their favourite Uberfone products are at the moment, all views are their own, and all opinions about the products are honest and true! So here we go, start prepping your wish lists because these goodies are just too good not to have!

Kicking us off, we have Helen who is currently loving the new Uberfone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker due to its handiness featuring a bluetooth connectivity allowing portable access around the house or on all your adventures! With 8 hours of battery life brilliant sound quality and at only £19.99 it’s a thumbs up from Helen!


Our newest of the UberCrew is Daniel and his favourite product is our Pro Glass- Tempered Glass Screen Protectors because for him, using one of these on his phone will reduce the risk of a cracked screen when he is out and about. His advice? Protect it before you wreck it!! At a cost of £9.99 or £4.99 with our repair service, save your bank balance and try one for yourself!!


Family man Damien currently finds the BWOO Display Multi Charger his best accessory at home. It features 8 USB charging ports ready for you to use any phone/tablet cable, but for Damien the best feature of this product was the cool display screen which shows you how much charge you have in your product! Perfect for families or those who have lots of gadgets to charge!!


Jess is all about the fun & when new gadgets come in and she gets excited about it, we know it’s a good’un! Jess is obsessed with our new PowerJam 3 in 1 Power Bank, because of its three cool features that you wouldn’t get anywhere else! This product is both a wireless speaker, mobile phone stand and a power bank!! At an amazingly good price at £12.99 for three useful features we can understand and relate to the excitement. For Jess, the mobile stand is the best feature for her when in work she can watch Netflix on her break!



Lynn is a girl that loves all things that glitter and shimmer, so naturally she was immediately attracted to the Uberfone Glitter Skins! (she was first to purchase one!) It is a sticker that you can apply to the back and front of the phone to give it that unique look instead of having a case! Lynn recommends using a clear gel case after the skin to get longer out of your sticker yet still protecting your mobile phone! Ranging from £4.99 the skins are available in all your favourite sparkly metallic colours for selected Samsung and iPhone models!

FullSizeRender 5.jpg



We stock a wide variety of phone car accessories but a product that stands out for Michael is the Portable Car Camcorder at an amazing price of £24.99!! The product attaches on to the dashboard and records your car journeys. If you want to be extra careful in the car like Michael, then this is the product you need!!

FullSizeRender 2

With his new Shiny Samsung S7 Edge Vick thinks he’s quite the looker, and even more so with his new Uberfone Wireless Charger! This product is portable with no wires and will charge anywhere, any place with QI compatible models when charged fully. Vick is man that does not like to be tied down to one place so having this in his pocket suits him and his bank balance perfectly at a steal of £9.99!

FullSizeRender 3


Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards are the way forward and Laura is loving the compact features of it! You can carry it around with you and is compatible with your mobile phone and tablet. For only £24.99 and a computer on the go? Talk about handiness!

FullSizeRender 4

See a gadget or accessory you like? All products featured here are available to purchase from any Uberfone store near you!!




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