Child Friendly Products From Uberfone

We understand that when you, the parent, purchase expensive mobile phones or tablets that you want to get the most out of. It is even more stomach churning when you realise after your splurge that you’ve bought this outstanding phone and have young kids at home screaming to watch kinder egg surprise on Youtube! What do you do now? Who do you turn to?

That is were we come in handy! You can still buy your nice shiny new phone and you’ll find Uberfone just around the corner! Our Accessory Gurus are fully trained in recommending the best products to protect your phone from damages, mostly caused by little hands.

With technology moving so rapidly these days and kids being born into a high tech world they seem to be familiar with tablets and phones from only a few months old (trust us, we know). Here is Sonya recommending the best products that we believe and trust in to make your phone and tablet stay with you for longer! We can all try and avoid to give children our phones and tablets, but lets be honest, it’s like fighting a losing battle sometimes!

FullSizeRender 7

Heavy duty cases are literally the best case invented and highly recommended for parents with young children or… the simply clumsy. The case features a hard shell which your phone is incased in, a built in plastic screen guard and a rubber outer layer and are available in 6 vibrant colours which the kids will love If you’re scared of your child dropping it and it taking a tumble then this is a great product for you! The case makes you feel more at ease with letting your child use your device too.


The iBuy case has been the most popular case for protecting an iPad model due to its child friendly features to every parents delight! The iBuy is available in a range of bright colours and are made from a sturdy rubber material that will give the iPad a bit of a bounce effect if dropped or have a tantrum and throw it which is rather accurate, right?! The built in soft handles make it easy for little hands to hold and it’s feet are chunky so that it can stand up for an enjoyable viewing experience! The cases are currently available for the iPad Mini models and iPad 2/3/4/ and iPad Air 1 & 2. Prices range from £17.99-£19.99 and you can bring your iPad model into the store to demo the product!

FullSizeRender 9

If Sonya could recommend her favourite product for protection, it would have to be our Tempered Glass Screen Protectors and you’d be mad not to put one on your phone or tablet! If your child drops your phone, depending on the impact, this product will crack and chip before it gets to your phone screen. Not only will it limit the damage, it will limit the amount of heart attacks that you parents may have on a regular basis!! Protect it before you wreck it for £9.99 and we will even fit it for free!

None of our products are designed to fully save your device, however they are designed to limit the damage caused by accidental drops and physical wear and tear. Phones and tablets cost a fortune these days, but with the right guidance from us, you will have them for longer!

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