Gadget of the Month…

This month we welcomed with excited faces and open arms our new product, the VR BOX Headset! We are always on the search for the next best gadget that is budget friendly yet still unbelievably fun, so that’s why we are now stocking this amazing product that you will all enjoy using no matter what age you may be! With limited stock they are selling out fast and here’s why…


Keep yourself entertained with the new VR BOX Headset and transport yourself into a virtual reality world full of fun and games! The main focus is to allow you to feel like you are part of a different world, experiencing a new version of gaming to a whole new level.

The product features a sleek yet solidly sleek design which makes it suitable for any age to play with. With Christmas around the corner before you know it, we recommend this product as the perfect gift this year! With the addition of strong head straps and and a comfy face cushioning, you will have fun exploring jungles, roller coasters and haunted mansions to name a few! The kids will love it and due to its’ robust and sturdy aesthetics, little hands will be able to handle it with ease.


The VR BOX is compatible with any mobile phone that features a gyroscope function in order for the screen to rotate to give you the ultimate viewing experience! It is suitable for android and apple devices and can fit a phone size up to an iPhone 6 Plus model which makes this product suitable for most these days.


How do I play games? It is simple, all you have to do is search for free ‘VR GAMES’ apps and download them then they are ready to go! There will be some you can pay for but we think the free ones are cool and easy enough to function. You can also download and watch 3D films for a more cinematic experience! Some games will be trial and error and there will be games better than others but luckily our awesome Uberfone team have been on the ball demoing the best games to you in-store. ( we have discovered who the big kids are!) You know who you are, LAURA! (cough, cough). Here is a list of free VR games that you can try when you purchase the VR BOX:

  • Lamper VR
  • Little VR Shooter
  • Need for Jump VR
  • VR Mac- Pan
  • Roller Coaster VR
  • VR Water Park
  • Jurassic VR
  • VR Player- allows you to watch Youtube in VR and any movies you download

Watch 3D movies in sbs (side by side) format or use sbs player to watch normal movies on your device. You can find 3D movies on Youtube, just search for 3d movies and when you find one, select in the setting ‘side by side’- sit back and relax!



Are you the ultimate gamer?

Demo and purchase the VR BOX Headset at your nearest Uberfone store only £19.99!!!!!


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