Drive in Style with Uberfone!

Ok, so you bought a new car and you’re thinking…how will I charge my phone?Where can I safely put my phone if I need to use google maps?How can I play some tunes from my phone?…We have all the answers to your questions and we can pimp yourrr rideeee!

These days, wherever you go, your mobile phone does also, as the features that some models have help us out throughout our daily routine. We not only specialise in phone covers and repairs, we also have a wide selection of phone accessories suitable for the car so that you don’t lose out with your phone on your journeys and adventures.

Charging on the Move 

Keep your phone or tablet full of charge and ready to go when you are in the car with our BWOO DOUBLE CAR USB! (£5.99) It connects to your cigarette lighter and along with one of our charging cables (£9.99) usb leads, you will have instant charge on the move!! You’ll not miss that call from your date or from the kids school!

Easy Viewing with Universal Car Mounts and Stands

We understand the struggle you may have when it comes to using google maps whilst driving or being a delivery driver, or a taxi driver who are busy multitasking while keeping an eye on the road. Don’t panic anymore!! We have the best solutions for you. Try our SILICONE SUCKER (£5.00), it is a universal car mount that attaches with ease onto your windscreen or dashboard for quick viewing if needed. They come in a variety of colours if you want to match the interior of your car! (Yes, we are guilty for that too!) purchase for £9.99, lick it and stick it to your windscreen and drive!

In addition you could use the UBERFONE MAGNETIC AIR VENT HOLDER (£4.99) which simply attaches on to any vent openings in the car and the magnetic part attached onto your phone and they connect together to make…another phone holder!!

Alternatively, you could use one of our trusty Rubber Mat Stands (£2.49) which conveniently hold the phone securely while you rally around town!




Get all the Action with the Car Cam

Our Dash Cam (£19.99) has got to be one of the best products that we stock in the car accessories range. It attaches on to the windscreen and allows you to record your journeys! It features a 4X digital zoom, Motion Detection, a built in microphone/speaker, HD, supports auto ignition boot and turn off shutdown control. We have been bought out by several taxi firms and drivers who generally want to protect themselves from any damages.



Jive While You Drive 

We all love to pretend we are Beyonce or Freddie Mercury in the car so its only right that you should be able to play your favourite music when you are out and about. Our BWOO 3.5 AUX AUDIO CABLE (£4.99) can help you out with that! They are available to purchase in three metallic finishes- Silver, pink and gold and they look so chic in the car.  They have an antic knot feature, fast transmission and are compatible with most current phones on the market today! Connect it from your headphone jack to the aux port in the car and jive while you drive!!


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