The Power of Charging on the Move!

At Uberfone, we understand how frustrating it can be when you run out charge whether it be during an important meeting or when you’re out and about during your next adventure. This is why we pride ourselves in providing you with a variety of awesome portable and cost friendly Power Banks. To explain a bit more about the range we have in store and online, our Sales Guru/TEK Team member John is here to give you a review on the three best Power banks that we have in stock! 1,2,3 start the wish-list!!

The Uberfone 2 in 1 wireless charger is an essential product if you need to charge your phone fast and on the go! With an amazing 8000mAh battery size it provides ample charging power for all phones. The average phone battery is just below 2000mAh in size, therefore this mean machine will give you 4 full charges! (WANT). The key feature of this product is its compatibility to allow wireless charging. What’s that? You have a phone that isn’t compatible for wireless charging? That’s where our fantastic wireless adapters come in handy priced at £2.99 it will allow an apple or android phone to become wireless charging. Alternatively, if wireless is not your cup of tea, you can still continue to charge via a lightning or usb cable. What if your friend also needs to charge their phone? Uberfone have got you covered as this power bank features 2 USB ports- sorted!! What if you’re in the dark and can’t see? Don’t panic as this also features a torch! With this, alongside the wireless functionality, you can charge three devices at once! An absolute steal for only £19.99!! Also comes in black or white.


The PowerJam 3 in 1 power bank is an excellent product for the music lovers out there looking for something a bit more fun. First and foremost it is a power bank with an 800mAh capacity which will allow for up to 50% charge of the average phones full battery with the use of your charging cable- perfect for when you need that little extra boost to revive your phone. Another cool feature of this product is that it is also a speaker for your phone to use via an AUX cable. Picture this, you are doing some work and you need some extra inspiration but your phone is low on battery. Grab your PowerJam, and charge your phone whilst playing your music with no decrease in the percentage! It is called a 3 in 1 Power bank as it is a charger and speaker including a handy little stand to prop your phone up and double up as the AUX connector. Not forgetting the vibrant, fun colours (Pink, blue, black and white) and bargain price of £12.99, the PowerJam speaker is a winner in our eyes!


The ultra thin standard Uberfone Power bank is our smallest and most basic one in the range. It features a 2400mAh capacity that will allow a full charge on the average phone battery with more to spare for several outings. This power bank comes with built in connectors for a micro USB and lightning ports so that you can charge on the move without the hassle of carrying around any extra cables! With its compact and sleek design, it is our most portable power bank to date! At a bargain price of £4.99 and available in black or pearly white, who can argue with that?!








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