What you need to know about…Water Damage

A split drink, a dive into a cup of tea, a splash from the kitchen tap, a dip into the bath tub or a clumsy drop down the loo- you can guarantee that we’ve heard it all! All we ask is that you openly admit that your phone has been dropped down the toilet, that detail will honestly not go a miss! And yes, it does happen to the best of us. Luckily for you, that’s were we come in handy. We have the perfect guide to help you in this crisis if your phone decides to have a rainy day.


First things first, you must turn off your phone immediately. Remove your sim card and memory card and dab off any excess water with a towel. Wrap the phone into a towel and leave until you can call into your nearest Uberfone store- sooner the better to avoid any potential corrosion inside. Our fabulous TEK Team can book your phone in for a specialist water damage treatment.

Secondly, all we can advise you to do is to not fall into these following myth methods. Do not think that HEAT will solve the situation. Setting your phone on a radiator or in the hot press will definitely increase the chance of further damage. The battery can overheat, melt and swell up- you really don’t want it to burst. Whether your phone is made of metal of plastic, the frame or phone itself can start to melt, this can be serious as most times it is difficult to regain the original shape of the frame. A combination of heat and moisture creates condensation which can cause screen damage- a costly mistake. These are nightmare situations when your phone is your right arm, but if you listen to us, your phone might just be saved in time.

Lastly, please save the rice for the dinner plate!! Do not fall into this trap of soaking your wet phone into a container of RICE. This is a pure myth and it causes more damage than what you think. Upon carrying out the water damage treatment, quite often our technicians will find random grains of rice clogging up the charging ports and headphone jacks which could add further costs on to the repair which you do not want. Mixed with moisture the grains can expand and be harder to remove. You need to seek the help of a professional phone technician as soon as possible who can give you more advice on what steps to take next.

It is simply a combination of being a lucky one, or listening to our advice that can potentially revive your phone to working order. Try to avoid storing your phone in your back pocket as 98% of the time it is the most common fault people make and can be a costly one at that! So think twice about the radiator or when you contemplate the rice method- these are not the solutions! ABORT MISSION!

If you know someone who needs a water damage treatment, call into your nearest Uberfone store as soon as you can! You can find us in: Abbeycentre (Newtownabbey), Bloomfield (Bangor), Buttercrane (Newry), CastleCourt (Belfast), Fairhill (Ballymena), Forestside (Belfast), Foyleside (Derry/Londonderry), Rushmere (Craigavon) and at Uberfone HQ (Dunmurry)  

You can also book an appointment with our TEK Team via the free Uberfone app!






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