Now that the cold is diminishing and the sun is starting to show with Spring feels in the air, it’s only natural for us to start planning adventures to get us out and about! Whatever trip you may take you can be worrying thinking, ‘What if I crack my phone screen?’, ‘What if I run out of battery up a mountain?’, ‘What case could I use to protect it fully?’, stop with the ‘What ifs’ and let us guide you with our Adventure Kit as we have picked the perfect products suitable for your adventure days!

The Selfie Stick is the most fun accessory in your backpack. The device connects via your bluetooth so that the endless selfies can keep coming. It is perfect to capture all of those special moments of your adventure with its easy to use features and sturdy aesthetics. You can choose from two sizes- small and large and they are available in 4 colours so you can choose one that suits you the best! Prices start from £4.99.

An Uberfone Tempered Glass Screen Protector is very much needed on a trip away to avoid any unwanted chips and cracks on your phone screen. Feel at ease climbing a mountain and sightseeing knowing that your screen has a protective shield on it, however be aware that this is all impact depending. At a cost of only £9.99, do the right thing and let us put one on for you, just incase!

Protecting your phone is important as you could be the owner of a bank breaking phone model. Try and choose a case from our Heavy Duty Case range that is designed with three layers featuring a hard plastic casing, a rubber layer over the top and a built in screen protector inside. These are not waterproof though, but they do keep your phone secure and combined with an added glass screen protector, damages will be limited. Ranging from £9.99. Available for selected models and you can purchase up to 5 different colours!

Never run out of juice again whilst on your adventure. Keep the photographs coming, social media updates flowing and emergency calls available with the Uberfone 2 in Power Bank. This device is an essential on your travels, with an impressive capacity of 8000mAh you can top up quickly and continue to use your phone with no hassle. They are available in two colours- Black Metal and Pearl White and for £19.99 it is a no brainer for a backpack necessity.

Our Deepbass Wireless Earphones can come in handy if you’re bored in a long car journey or for keeping you going up long walks and adventure seeking. They are suitable for sport lovers seeking a more action packed trip as they hook comfortably around your ear. No fuss up a mountain climb, on a bike ride or on a run. Wires can be fiddly and break easily so choose a pair of these to make the adventure life much easier. They range from £12.99 and available in 6 cool colours to suit your personality.

Every adventure seeker needs to own an Action Cam! Similar to the GoPro, our Action Cam can be the centre of all the exploring and lets you capture all of your action shots and videos of your adventure. It is also a fraction of the price at £34.99!! The Action Cam is perfect for those who will be enduring an action fuelled trip such as skiing, mountain climbing, motorbike racing, go kart racing and hiking to name a few! With a HD screen you can view crisp, vibrant playbacks. Available in three colours- white, silver and black we promise you won’t look back.


All products featured are available to purchase from an Uberfone store near you or from our online shop at (free postage and packaging & no fuss!) 





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