At Uberfone our researchers and merchandising team continuously strive to discover the best designs and cases that we believe will provide essential protection to your phone so that you have it for longer. We understand the expense of buying the latest model on the market and know the heart break of coughing up a fortune to repair them when they hit the deck. This is where our Sales Guru’s can help you out in store by recommending the best cases and accessories that can be a game changer if this happens to you. In particular, a phone case from our new collection, ‘BEE TUFF‘ would be perfect for you! Each style in the range has been designed in house with inspirations taken from brands we admire and styles that we know are going to offer the best protection yet offer a stylish appeal. The entire Bee Tuff collection is available for iPhone models 5/6/7/7+ and Samsung models S7, S7 Edge, S8 and S8 Plus!

First up we have the BEE TUFF Wallet style case. These are amazing quality and come in 4 basic yet sleek colours- Pink, Red, Black and Brown to suit everyone. This case features handy additional compartments inside for cards and notes-suitable for those multi-taskers on the go! With a built in stand, this case is perfect if you want to watch content on your phone or play music through while you do you daily tasks, or be a slob at night watching Netflix! With all of these features included and at a price of just £14.99 this is the next best product to be in your pocket or handbag!



If you seek a case embodied with a gel diamond design, then the BEE TUFF GEL (£14.99) style case (bottom left) is the one for you. The vibrant coloured gels  in a Mint, Blue and Rose colour and the top seller at the moment is the Rose gel! Around it’s perimeter are shock absorbers which are designed to take away some of the impact when dropped. You can pick any colour that you like, however we have decided that the silver back iPhone matches better with the mint green and blue gel and the rose gold and gold back iPhone matches the rose coloured gel the most! If you are not keen on a wallet style then this case is the next best thing and combined with a tempered glass screen protector from Uberfone you stand a good chance of having your phone for longer.

Within the collection, we had to keep the guys in mind to what they may like! If Gem gel is not your thing, take a look at our BEE TUFF DOTTY gel cases (£14.99). They are a similar design to the Gem style with a mesh detail throughout each colour. This case comes in more generic colours so that there is an option for everyone- Black, Black and Red, White and Pink. Also featuring shock absorbers inside for those hairy moments that we all have!

If you are a fan of this new collection, you can get yourself 20% off a case! Simply download and sign up to the free Uberfone app- available on both Apple and Android and show this at the time of purchase! The app will also give you 10% off repairs too. Go on and treat you and a friend to a BEE TUFF today!

Available at your nearest Uberfone store and will be available to purchase online soon!


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