Uberfone 2017 Highlights!

2017 has been a wonderful whirlwind year full of surprises and many achievements for the Uberfone team. Every year seems to be getting better for us, we expand as a team, new projects unfold, new products are introduced and it is because of both our staff and loyal customers that we strive to continue to deliver the best products and customer service.

In early 2017 we introduced our newest scheme. We developed a Corporate/Education Business to Business contract which gave local businesses and schools the opportunity to use our repair service for their employees phones and tablets. Included in the service was a fast pick up and drop off delivery service, discounts on the devices and protective accessories.  We gained many clients who continue to use our services.

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The BeeTuff Collection was designed in house by the Uberfone team. We wanted to create a range of cases that were protective, durable yet stylish. The main aesthetic of the gel cases is that they feature a shock absorbent frame which is to limit physical damages and wear and tear. Included in the range are the BeeTuff Gem Gel, Mesh Gel, Clear Gel and variety of Wallet Cases. With their variety of colours there is a case to suit everyone!


Our greatest achievement not only of the year but to date was being nominated then going on to win ‘Best Family Business’ at the Belfast Business Awards. This award completely blew us away, we of course hoped to win but never expected it. It was a fantastic night at the Titanic Museum and a night we will always remember.


As a team we do love a challenge, especially when it comes down to a store refurb! Over the years we have took on a new look and each Uberfone store will be refurbished. Our Newry store was next on the list and it was all hands on deck. The store now looks like what we visioned it to look like and we could not have completed it without the help of our fabulous team. Check it out when you are passing through the Buttercrane Shopping Centre!



To finish off the year we were nominated and shortlisted for ‘Best Employer of The Year’ at the UTVEye Awards in Bangor. To even be in the same category as Lidl and Christies Direct to name a few was an achievement in itself. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and supplying amazing products for you, we hope this shows when you visit our stores and purchase our products.



2017 looks like it was a hard year to beat but we have so many more projects on the horizon for this year and new products that we know you will love! 2018 we’re ready for you!




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