Does your business or school rely on the use of mobile phones, iPads or tablets? What would you do if your colleague or pupil accidentally smashed their screen, or was water damaged on a building site, or generally wear & tear took its toll? We would like to advise your company or school to join our Corporate or Education packages! We know you have invested heavily in these to improve your work force, teaching and learning, so let us assist you in keeping them repaired and safe for you and your pupils and staff.
Our service is simple. We will collect your devices from your premises, take them back to Uberfone HQ where they will be repaired by our professionally trained and award winning TEK Team and your repaired devices will be delivered back to you! All of our packages include reduced rates on the repair services and if you feel that your devices could use a bit more protection- we can supply you with the best products. Products such as glass screen protectors and heavy duty cases are the essential basics after a repair to ensure your repair lasts.
At Uberfone, we are dedicated to helping your business get the most out of your devices and everything else that goes with them.We know a damaged device can cause big problems, so we take away the hassle to ensure you can concentrate on what really matters! Along with repairing your device, we collect and deliver straight back to your office door or if this doesn’t work for you, we have 9 stores regionally you can call into and let our staff organise the rest.We also have a wide range of accessories to protect your device, enhance your office space and kit out your company vehicles safely. With a range of suppliers in both the UK and abroad, if there is an item you need that you can’t see on our website, just ask us the question and if we can source it for you, we will. Our TEK team rarely get it wrong, but to give you extra piece of mind, we include a 6 month warranty on all repairs in the unlikely case of any related problems.
If you are a CEO, manager or staff member that believes the Uberfone
Corporate/Education package would be beneficial to your team then get on board for the New Year! Contact Natasha at today for further information on how we can assist your school or business.
Uberfone, we’ve got you covered!

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