Summer Essentials: John’s Top Picks!


Hi there! My name is John, and I am store manager of Uberfone Rushmere. When new products arrive in store, I’ll be in my element testing out new features so that I can demo them to you! In this blog post are some new products and some our best sellers to date. Here I am going to give you my top 5 products that I am currently loving at the moment that are guaranteed to make your Summer that little bit better!




 The Uberfone Power Bank (5,000 & 10,000 mAh)

The Uberfone Power Banks are an absolute essential for your summer adventures. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. You’re out with friends, no power point in sight and your phone battery dies- the fear kicks in. No more Selfies, no more music and no more social media. That’s were this gadget comes in handy. With a choice of two different capacities this device has the ability to get your phone up and running in a matter of minutes. The 10,000-mAh option features two charging outputs; one built in for your convenience and the other allowing you to use as a spare. This could be used for type c, lightening or micro USB allowing your friends to also benefit from this Power Bank. They are lightweight and compact making them easy for daily use or easy to pack for your summer travels! 10,000 mAh (£29.99) 5,000 mAh (£19.99)


 Mini Pocket Speakers

Our amazing Mini Pocket Speakers (£19.99) are a must for any summer occasion. These little speakers have an epic sound quality equivalent to that of an average speaker. They are available in three colours (gold, silver and rose gold) and are the perfect accessory for this season especially at BBQ’s and get togethers. They are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 for music on the go and if you purchase two you can even connect them both for maximum volume! In addition, the speaker comes with a travel case and clip that allows you to attach it to yourself, backpack or even hang of surfaces!

Sports Arm Band 

Do you plan on making the most of your summer? Using the good weather to get fit? The Uberfone Sports Arm Bands (£4.99) are the best product for you. They are available in two sizes- small and large to fit every phone model. They also feature a zip lock compartment with a plastic front to weather-proof your device. For those who enjoy listening to music whilst walking, running or cycling then don’t fret as these include space for your headphones! These have been a popular product leading up to all the marathons lately!

20479977_1033917943377737_3414126068917344331_n copyScreen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.16.25

5. SuperGlass Screen Protectors 

The most valuable product of all is a SuperGlass screen protector (£9.99-£19.99) to ensure that your phone is protected from any dodgy drops or knocks. There are many benefits to this product, the outer is scratch-proof, dust resistant and will chip and crack before the damage reaches your phone screen- all impact depending. Thick enough to protect yet thin enough to be unnoticeable, this product is ultimately the best summer essential you need from Uberfone. Also available for iPads and Samsung Tab models, and we will fit them for free!

All of the above products are available at your nearest Uberfone store or simply call in and see John at our store at Rushmere Shopping Centre for product demos and advice!



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