Back To School Guide-Protecting Your Device

If you’re starting a new school/college in August/Sept, first of all we wish you all the best on this exciting new chapter. Secondly, we would like to give you some advice on how to look after your phone the best ways you can, especially in a busy school environment.
  1. Protect your new phone with a SuperGlass Screen Protector. This £9.99 investment will be the best accessory that you will buy for your phone or tablet. They are designed to chip and crack by saving your phone screen- all impact depending. We understand that your phone could take a hit or two whilst in your blazer or school bag, so having this on your screen will give you and your parents more peace of mind!
  2. A wallet case or gel case from our signature BeeTuff range will be a game changer! Ranging from £14.99 continue to protect your phone with either a wallet case or gel case both as equally protective, sleek and compact. The BeeTuff Wallet covers your whole phone with additional space inside for lunch money, a school card and emergency numbers and the BeeTuff Gel case features a durable toughened gel with shock absorbers built inside the case acting as a barrier against impact. We have a variety of designs available in the range, so check these out in store!
  3. Your phone can be lost or stolen in school. Our TOP TIP to keep a closer eye on your device is if you have an iPhone- make sure ‘Find My iPhone’ is turned on or Google’s ‘Find My Device’ is activated so that you can track down your phone quickly if misplaced or stolen.
  4. A Power Bank is an essential item in your school bag and will come in handy in an emergency. If you have some type of dilemma at school it is comforting to know that help is easy to get if you need to ring a parent/guardian with any concerns. Keep yourself protected, and check out our range of Power Banks in store before you start school. Ranging from £19.99 with a variety of sizes, colours and charge capacities!
All products are available from a store near you or via  They are all compact and suitable for starting your new school journey! We hope you love them as much as we do.

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