BIG NEWS! NEW Product Alert.

Something very exciting has happened at Uberfone! We’ve been wanting to spill the beans for a while but now that it is official and we are currently holding it, we can say…we are now SELLING PHONES! Super yay!

Our lovely customers have said for a while now that they would like us to start selling phones and it is something we are asked on the daily. We listened and agreed to your feedback and have worked so hard to find a brand that was reliable to work with and to bring you a product that was worthwhile. We have collaborated with GIONEE, a brand that is taking the world by storm to bring you two handsets that are both affordable and amazing quality. We are officially the sole UK and Ireland Distributor for this fantastic brand and we cannot wait to show you what we have to offer.


So without further ado, we welcome to the Uberfone family, the Gionee S11 Lite and the F205 model! We have created a comparison chart of other popular phones versus the Gionee models so that you can see for yourself what functions are included and how some stand out from other models. Like most, we fall into the trap of consumerism. You don’t always have to go for a popular branded phone, quite often a cheaper alternative works just as good and is kinder to the bank balance!


S11 LITE-BLACK (2)F205-gold-09



As you can see from the comparison charts, the Gionee models stand out with their Full View Display and impressive battery capacity. No more having a personal and a work phone as both models feature a dual sim supporting two active sims at the same time. A key feature that is great for the price of the phones is the additional option of a Micro SD card with up to 256GB extra space!


If you like the look of our new budget smartphones, call into your nearest store and the team will demo both models for you and help you choose one that suits you. We are also the official stockist on Amazon if you’d like to purchase online!

To buy online visit


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