Do You Wanna BeeTuff?

Team Uberfone have been working hard to explore new prints and designs that you want on your phone case. Highly requested designs were an Emoji themed case and marble print which is still a popular trend in 2018. Our goal is to expand our signature BeeTuff range with cool prints and designs that would stop someone in their footsteps and say, ‘Where did you get your case?

New to an Uberfone store near you, you will find our new designs. They are available for iPhone 6/7/8/6+/7+/8+ and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ in five vibrant, show stopping prints, the BeeTuff Floral, BeeTuff Be Stronger, BeeTuff Emoji, BeeTuff Marble Sparkle and BeeTuff Chevron. Do they still have the same features as the BeeTuff original?  YES! The Impact Shock Technology still remains with built in shock absorbers surrounding the interior providing protection against impact. The lightweight gel material is durable and does not compromise protection or access to buttons and functions. A case that looks the part and protects your phone?! At Uberfone, we’ve got you covered!







You can purchase now from AMAZON we are the only stockist to supply our brand, alternatively you can buy at your nearest store!

Link to buy: 


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