Gadget of the Month…

At Uberfone, we go wild for everything techy and you will see our eyes light up when new gadgets arrive! We are the ultimate geeks and when it comes to testing out the new products we are like kids in a playground (no really we get wayy too excited!)

With the highly anticipated comeback of ‘Pokemon Go’,  fanatics have been on their feet moving on the go, transporting themselves from the real world to the virtual world throughout the whole day and night. With this in mind, what will you do if your phone runs out of charge mid-battle? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rely on Great Balls, but you can rely on an Uberfone PowerBank!!- Our worthy Gadget of the Month.



The Uberfone PowerBank has launched into stores now! The device features a battery capacity of 2400mAh, which is perfect to give your phone that quick extra boost when you see the charge drop. We designed the power bank to have a sleek appeal featuring a slimline design making it as portable as possible to take around with you on your travels, especially when you ‘Gotta Catch Em’ All!’ Being the perfect size, it fits into your pocket or bag and is easy to carry around. The power bank is available in two basic colours- white or black however, we are hoping to launch more colours very soon! (keep your eyes peeled).


Our power bank is suitable for both Apple and Android users as it features a lightning port and a micro usb port which covers a wide range of phones available on the market now! How’s that for handiness! Once fully charged, you can get up to one full day of charge on the power bank depending on how advanced your phone is. We wanted to create a power bank to suit everyone and save your phone in a time of need (we all know your life is over when your battery dies!) Just remember to put it back on charge when you can so that it is ready to go when you are. With the Pokemon hype back in full force, we have decided to do a special offer on these at £4.99! Could you really argue with that?! Cheap, portable, slimline, sleek design and fast charging on the go? YES PLEASE. Highly voted by the Uberfone team and a big thanks to our customer feedback, the Uberfone PowerBank is our GADGET OF THE MONTH. GET YOURS NOW!!

Make Uberfone your first stop for your phone and tablet gadgets, there is always something new and something fun! Check out your nearest Uberfone store to view our entire range of Power banks and accessories!



Our awesome members of the TEK team combined forces and have created the highly anticipated Uberfone App! We always aim to make your shopping experience that little bit better and with your feedback, the app has landed and has been a success since it’s launch a few weeks ago!

Discounts!! Everybody loves them, and every little helps sometimes! We want to honour our customers for their valued loyalty for trusting us as a company and for returning frequently for their mobile needs. As a big thank-you we would like to offer you to be a member of the Uberfone family.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO? All you have to do is complete two easy steps- 1. Download and 2. Sign up to the Uberfone App which is available for both Apple and Android devices.

THE PERKS? The rewards are epic! For your loyalty you will receive 20% off all accessories AND 10% off repairs FOR LIFE, like forever and ever! Endless discounts for you to treat yourself with! We have a continuous turnover of new stock so with each visit there is something new to choose from! All you have to do is show your sign up on the app at the till point and we will apply your discount.

Need your phone repaired? With the Uberfone App you can now book an appointment with a technician on a day of your choice and in a store that’s convenient for you! You can also browse the latest products and new collections on the app too! (Cue the wish lists!)

We are truly thankful for everyone who has used our services since we opened 5 years ago, and we aim to make your shopping experience as memorable as the last!

Don’t forget, we’ve got you covered!

The Uberfone Team x

The Best Holiday Accessories!

It’s holiday season and you’re thinking…‘I really want to bring that, but I’m scared of breaking it!’ Ignore the fear and follow Uberfone’s advice on what products to choose to ensure that you get the most out of your device!

First of all the most important thing you should do is buy a PRO GLASS screen protector from Uberfone. The benefits of having this additional protection on your screen are brilliant as they are designed to absorb most impact if the device is dropped or in a lot of cases…sat on. They are not designed to save your initial screen entirely, but they are there to limit the damage on your screen. So, beneficially, there will be no more worrying if little hands drop it, or if it falls off the sun lounger or simply being in your bag or pocket with other items! At a cost of £9.99 with free fitting, would you prefer that or £100+ for a new screen? We know what we would choose!


Earphones!! You want some ‘me-time’ on holiday and theres no better feeling than relaxing by the pool blasting some tunes. Or perhaps you want to block out the sound of someone snoring on your flight? We have got you sorted. Our new BWOO ZIP EARPHONES are the perfect portable accessory to help keep you entertained. They come in three different colours costing £7.99 and you will stand out for all the right reasons with their funky design.


HEAVY DUTY CASES are the best case that we have on our shelf and we recommend it to anyone who is clumsy, works in an industrial style job, if you have little children or in this case go away on holiday! This case features a durable shell with a built-in hard case and a rubber outer layer with a built-in screen guard for that extra bit of security! They range from £9.99 and are available for all iPhone models and iPad.


Capture all the fun times with THE ACTION CAM. This is another cool accessory for your suitcase as it is portable and light in weight making it accessible for all those holiday adventures and tourist attractions. They are even waterproof meaning you can splash to your hearts content in the pool! Cheaper than a Go Pro but vastly similar, at a cost of £39.99 you can’t complain!


The PHONE FAN  is quite possibly the best little gadget from our summer range. There is no need to charge it- it runs via your battery and attaches into your charging port! Instant cool off by the pool or sea! Available in five different colours and features a lightning adapter end and a micro usb end. At £2.99 it is the ultimate bargain!


Our WIRELESS SPEAKERS are the talk of the summer bbq’s and parties due to their vibrant colours and immense quality of sound and reasonable price of £11.99. They function via Bluetooth making it easy to transport about wherever your summer adventures take you!


THE ULTIMATE SELFIE STICK! Our newly designed 2 in 1 selfie stick also acts as a durable case. At a cost of £19.99 it’s not bad considering you are getting two products! The case elongates to a selfie stick giving you different levels of length for you to take the perfect holiday selfies!!


We often feel the fear when we in a place we don’t know and you lose battery life. You CAN avoid this by investing a little ££s into a POWERBANK CHARGER from Uberfone!! Charge it before you leave and use when you run out of charge with no cables needed with you! These key-ring powerbanks are now on special offer at £4.99!! The perfect ‘to go’ accessory for those ‘on the go!’